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                                    '72 Chevelle "Before" Picture                                           '72 Chevelle "After" Picture

While attending the MCC Show in 2008 John Truman (Owner of Truman Muscle Cars) mentioned to Donnie Gates (Maryland Chevelle Club President) that they should get a few folks together and give Randy Moore (an MCC Member) a hand with fixing up his 1972 Chevelle Malibu.  The idea was tossed around a bit, each thought it was a great idea, but it just didn't come to be.  The subject was brought up again in June at the MCC 2010 show, discussed and both John and Donnie knew it was time to actually put a plan in action or just let it go.  Letting it go was not an option!  John would do the bodywork and Donnie would gather the help to get the show on the road.

Donnie contacted member Tom Rightler (MCC Member) and explained what they were planning.  Tom was immediately on board and it was agreed that he would help.  The initial plan was to contact Randy to pick up the car, install the trunk pan, both the left and right quarter panels and rear deck panel.  The car would then be returned to Randy for him to complete.  This ended up being a full frame off restoration ... just like you see on overhaulin.  Make a long story short, we hi-jacked the car and did a total frame-off restoration in 4 months... all without Randy's knowledge.  Dynacorn donated all of the sheetmetal.  You can see many of Dynacorns reproduction body panels (doors, fenders, quarters, floor pan, trunk pan, and many more) on the car ... when we were done .. the only original part was a small section of the firewall.  If this small blurb has spiked your interest, or you would like to see the process... click HERE